Tuesday, December 22, 2009

p.g.hotels in india

in India their is very shortage of accommodation the pg management is very poor receipt of payments not provided,food not as per charges if you complaint many times they ask to vacate.if they see any benefit in new comers they provide to them .there is no commitment but only business. this is creating lot of problems to the students and starters of job.Government and NGO's should give attention towards this problem in metro cities like Delhi,Mumbai etc.This sector should be organized in proper way and a strict measures to be taken.Private sector P.G.'s should be monitored and properly licensed and inspected in routine for their proper performance.Hoping that the concerned department will take action to improve them and government will also plan to increase such girls P.G. hostels to facilitate these students and working women.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

c.,c. &crime

something should be done to stop corruption people to come forward starting from themselves it is the only reason due to which the concerned r not performing there duties properly this can b a start to stop crime b alert on your task & help the nation.