Tuesday, November 30, 2010

attention towards hospitals and other govt. dispensaries very necessary

few months back i was at my old residence place galimansadevi rajah Ki Mandi Agra. there i met some old persons, i was on the road, i saw towards old dispensary run by govt. it was in very bad position, i enquired from the nearby shopkeeper, this does not open. he replied all STAFF RETIRED, ONE PEON COMES OPEN FOR SOME TIME GO AWAY, WHAT HE WILL DO THERE NO DOCTOR,MEDICINE,VACCINES OR ANY FACILITY. this is the position of thousands of small and big hospitals through out India. due to no attention, crores of rupees property,furniture,machines are lying unutilised due to lack of running funds and staff. the staff on role sits idle for the whole day do formality, take salary every month and rest what to do. this is the responsibility of local administration and also local elected representatives to utilize some of their funds for renovation and to report to government to look after such.there are lakhs of people who cannot avail medical facilities due to lack of money or awareness. many even not get proper treatment due to corruption in this industry in private sector. there are lot of mediators and hospitals who are misguiding such. if these hospitals run in proper way as earlier and faith again returns in them the students of medical will also get perfect experience, and the new batches will give more good and famous doctors as past. the technology will not be limited to some, and the students in large will not have to wait for experience and practice. indian medical colleges have given well known doctors in past few decades back.
so what i want to high light is that attention towards renovation of these hospitals,dispensaries can give a vast infrastructure with less funds. these hospitals will be greatly helpful for the mass.special care and good administration ,and fair control will give very good services.hope that others will also write on this matter .
najeeb khan
agra 282005

Monday, November 22, 2010

shameful for govt dept.employees.

yesterday i was coming in an private service from st. johns college to kamla nagar. we have to change the service at bhagwan talkies due to route divided among several unions, this is also one of the reason of huge rush on big crossings, if the service is long leaving big crossings automatically the parking and the source of corruption can finish. previously also i wrote in my articles that their is possibility of removing the parking of private vehicles if they only load and unload, no provision of accumulating more than two autos or one bus of one route.but i don't know that why the admin is interested to keep parking on rushed crossings giving a chance of corruption for all.the auto drivers give shameful comments like,..... sarkari adhikari hamari muthi mein woh hamara kya kar leinge, har thaney par dena parta hai, NEW AGRA SE BALKESHWAR TAK PANCH JAGAH DETEY HAIN ITNNE HE BEDHAYEGEY,kamla nagar me alag detey hai, ham to itne hee bedhayegey r.t.o., hamara kya kar lega. these sort of comments and sometimes also abusing is an advantage taken by unions,mediators,and the drivers. this route had always been expensive in respect of kilometers, every time the fare is increased that only three at back seat and two at front seat and after some days same practice of overloading.
do the concerned department, family people not tell such stories to them, or they have become immune d not to see due to corruption. can they not be strict ,i feel ashamed on such comments because my father,my other relations were in govt services, at the moment also many in central govt or state. the suvidha taking departments besides giving huge loss to govt. revenue have also spoiled the image of such services. somebody in lower or higher level should feel ashamed and the share goes to them very less but mediators are enjoying without any pains due to backing of concerned deptt. other then salary can be also earned by such means that the public may get good service and you punish the illegal by any means .your such support of govt. employees can bring appreciation to govt employees in decent manners . punish the wrong and be safe like olden times officers.hoping for something good, over rush in public conveyances is also giving chances to pickpockets etc. to do their jobs and other criminals also hide in transit.

Friday, November 12, 2010

thanks once again

i am really greatly thankful to my friends, doctors at hospital,staff of hospital for special care. astonished to see first time such proper hygienic hospital with senior doctors. thanks that Agra have now good private hospital after olden days medical college hospital.this was needed many years back to control infection cases etc. for which we had to run to Delhi. i know the lacuna of here hospitals earlier because i suffered in my r/t. eye cataract. and the local area doctors took so lightly the problem for many days and i loosed my r/e.vision which is still under problems and cure in spite of lot of treatment in Lucknow and Delhi. i once again thank to my readers who were in contact with my family confirming progress. i am greatly thankful to a deserving surgeon a son of well known eye doctor of his times.his experince and guidance gave me confidence and help in early recovery. now shotly many articles,stories,blogs,columns will be before my readers. thanks and once again faith in almighty GOD.
najeeb khan agra. 282005