Friday, November 12, 2010

thanks once again

i am really greatly thankful to my friends, doctors at hospital,staff of hospital for special care. astonished to see first time such proper hygienic hospital with senior doctors. thanks that Agra have now good private hospital after olden days medical college hospital.this was needed many years back to control infection cases etc. for which we had to run to Delhi. i know the lacuna of here hospitals earlier because i suffered in my r/t. eye cataract. and the local area doctors took so lightly the problem for many days and i loosed my r/ which is still under problems and cure in spite of lot of treatment in Lucknow and Delhi. i once again thank to my readers who were in contact with my family confirming progress. i am greatly thankful to a deserving surgeon a son of well known eye doctor of his times.his experince and guidance gave me confidence and help in early recovery. now shotly many articles,stories,blogs,columns will be before my readers. thanks and once again faith in almighty GOD.
najeeb khan agra. 282005

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