Saturday, August 11, 2012

threat by use of polythene others

over cutting of trees,overdrawing of ground water,no recharge,less seepage naturally due to filling of lakes,ponds,by silt and polythene.if strict measures not taken and people not cooperate then it can be disaster for this planet.extension of unplanned cities have shortened open land a natural resource of water recharge.much can be done if people stop cutting green trees,do water harvesting,may not add raw water to sewage lines,keep drains connected to monsoon drains then we can hope for a change.the worst position is in cities,people use max poly-packs and throw on roads other places which reach in rivers.the rivers are filled with such preventing water seepage and due to silt coming from untreated effluent others is making the condition more worst.if the residents come forward from themselves it can be start to save environments,water,living, birds,others.hope for a change najeeb khan d-72,kamla nagar agra-282005

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

how to reduce crime graph..

how crime graph can be brought down it is not easy.i have wrote many measures in which was control and monitoring of vehicles,thorough check and many others like wrote in my previous blogs and on police reforms. the best the agencies can do is strong vigil on mobile phones,vehicles and information regarding those who are becoming rich in very short period without any such strong source of income or business.earlier in before or after independence such was always under vigil. vehicles are only conveyance for criminals,fast conveyance and mobility and weak information is helping to such to not be detected.people not inform about such because of leak of informer and becoming personal grudge.accumulating crowds and vehicles on places like pan shops corner shops,bars can be kept on vigil and if seen always to be verified for their places they live. the other government will have to do to suspend the licenses of arms and for some time only to be left with persons involved in security.every license needs re verification,and to be seen whether it is in custody of licensee or his family.if there is very need of keeping arms for v.i.p. for strict verification period they may be provided security.this will enable to trace illegal arms when all arms will be taken in custody for verification.cartridges used to be delivered when new ones are required.much can be traced if re verification of licenses is done to trace whether the users are still fit to use such. the only way to control crime is only management and strict on verifications.often incidences of show off incidences are read in news.much can come out if worked out on above points to reduce crime.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


this is the cause the whole world is looking save residents can help a lot.much can be managed if we say no to such which harm to environment forests rivers ponds and our locality.much can change if we start from ourselves to pledge not to use environment harming the trees and make the world green and pollution free by preventing use of such which are causing threat to globe.