Saturday, August 11, 2012

threat by use of polythene others

over cutting of trees,overdrawing of ground water,no recharge,less seepage naturally due to filling of lakes,ponds,by silt and polythene.if strict measures not taken and people not cooperate then it can be disaster for this planet.extension of unplanned cities have shortened open land a natural resource of water recharge.much can be done if people stop cutting green trees,do water harvesting,may not add raw water to sewage lines,keep drains connected to monsoon drains then we can hope for a change.the worst position is in cities,people use max poly-packs and throw on roads other places which reach in rivers.the rivers are filled with such preventing water seepage and due to silt coming from untreated effluent others is making the condition more worst.if the residents come forward from themselves it can be start to save environments,water,living, birds,others.hope for a change najeeb khan d-72,kamla nagar agra-282005

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