Saturday, February 13, 2010

tips by me

good morning world today i m writing few tips which can b of help .every tip will start after **these few i will elaborate in my next articles this i have learn t from elders,teachers,education,study, politics,experience,hindrances,unnecessary created problems,noncooperation,and definitely inherited some from my predecessors which i believe is universal. my ideas r applicable if u think and study check for facts,make study habits and agree with facts.
** always bye medicines with cash memo to get genuine product.
** keep a personal account of your financial transactions either with bank or else where.
** keep an eye open seeing around during travel or n daily routine.
** verify the person before any dealing either for accommodation or business through some reliable source.
** do not entertain money collectors of the unregistered society or N.G.O's
these are the few others in detail i will elaborate in my future blogs.

Friday, February 5, 2010

how to manage

if u r on travel, or on way all over India, or even if in such and important city like Agra where hundreds of foreign tourist visit everyday u will find on main roads and highway passing through Agra, blockade at some place or another. even if a buffalo dies due to accident due to negligence of some other who run away people stop the road and people passing through suffer for hours, few hundred people going for rally, procession etc. cover the whole road and few of their companions stop the traffic unnecessary this can be manage easily by the administration and the accompanying security staff which can easily pilot bifurcating in two parts, one part may continue the procession, and the other part in middle near divider may continue the traffic. in middle the security person can move with the procession keeping in line controlling by rope from start point to end. this will stop unnecessary jams and trouble to people. a suitable place like some grounds in the city should be allowed to different organizations for their processions and the concerned authority to whom they want to give their protest letter etc. should go at the spot at the approved sight. roads, bye- passes, crossings, should not be allowed for such activities. people chose busy sights only to get cheap publicity and media coverage leaving behind thousands of citizens in problem. the true nationalist is who protest in such a way that the law and order may not be affected and their demands may also go to the authority in decent way and no loss may be done to public or govt. property..