Tuesday, December 21, 2010

why i suspect

today morning when i was on morning walk one known to me asked why i suspect on many in my blogs. i have been strongly writing for checks,registration,enrollment,licensing etc. actually these many systems were started in British time not only to get some revenue but it was indirect control on immigrants,outsiders coming to city from nearby. this use to give information of their whereabouts. one collector of taxes use to check cycles,carts,bullock carts,stalls,street vendors, foot path sellers etc. though the tax was very nominal but it gave a chance to verify every person which is not practically possible for the police or intelligence. doubtful cases were referred to other agencies for verification. this way the n.m.p.,besides revenue also had a information data s of all such, if incidents took place it was easy to verify or trace antisocial from them. when other political parties came in power they formed nigams like Mandi samiti, and many others so the task city administration was doing on check posts on borders and during that intelligence and others use to observe came to an end . one check post was sufficient for all departments to check. but when anti socials entered in politics they eliminated such departments which was hindrance in doing their illegal activities.

all over the world departments,industries are merging but in India for every job new nigams are formed to create new portfolios for their political supporters or to console their ambitions not thinking of losses to govt in salaries, security, staff, conveyance etc. many i.a.s., are even not having budget or staff to compliance. but only to please one community one new section is formed. practically it is helping nil. like Muslim welfare department in Agra sitting alone in a collect orate room. if he had been associated with main samaj kalyan vibhag he must have utilized his position. unnecessary many deptt. or parishads are extra burden on state and central government. political power in rule should think the importance of funds given in taxes by poor. not given to enjoy or to spent in personal ambitions,publicity etc. no govt. dept hoarding published by information ministry should give photos of political leaders in power or to fight election in future.

so in short what i want to say such small revenue collecting departments should be restarted and all same work parishads,nigams,etc to be merged.as many years back i write that water works and sewage should be under one control though it was planned but not yet in force completely.
najeeb khan

Monday, December 6, 2010

food therapy natural therapy

my predecessors were adopting the profession of teachers, natural therapy and food therapy. this could not be contd in my grandfather time because his father maulvi zulfiqar ali died in early age , and later on my grand father was adopted by military contractor faiz khan, so he put him in business of shoe line, the first shoe factory was started in 1885 with pandit har krishan dhar and then maharajah of Gwalior due to his love for very good shoes in panni gali agra where now sindhi model high school runs. but this is all now history. my father also not had interest in family profession.

i had interest in therapies, after when i self left my profession of leather and chemicals technology in the year 2001.i studied my old belonging on this subject,got them translated, noted many recipes, then i studied the present substitutes of many. i myself experimented their results and side effects but wondered that there no side effects, this assured me that why kings,queens,maharajahs,other warriors, and noble people were healthy throughout their life.

so what is natural or food therapy, it means that we get medication through natural and food products. exercise cleaning, and maintenance of body by natural products are also part of it. for example gulab water, multani mitti orange peel of are still part of face packs simply proper processing, and addition of some perfumes carriers,emulsifiers have made ready made products.same is with food, it has been directed to eat fruits and vegetables which grow in your nearby areas, like melon,petha,plum, guava, though now artificially they have been planted everywhere but they grow naturally without any efforts. it means that they are essential for this area people. this is the main theory and concept. the other example is neem tree mainly found in uttar pradesh rajashthan etc. so it required for this area. so same is with masalas they are very essential for food, and most of the Mogul dishes recipes are specially cooked in this manner vegetable or non vegetarian.
najeeb khan
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

hindrances in development and in increase of govt.revenue.

if you view in my blogs and articles i always wrote on how to increase revenue of govt. i even wrote to prime minister and chief minister of the state. many of the decisions are taken very late till then crores go to illegal pockets. the schemes of govt. come in high percentage for such projects which have no assets, most of the N G O are having the projects which are non accountable or very less chances to be checked after use of the help. who is check that the help reached to right person or not. none b p l cards are checked many of them must have crossed the eligibility, many must have down graded. assessment on site is negligible most of the work is in offices. plots who have converted in many stored building ,big premises are paying less taxes than lower income group houses. so the corruption and no activeness by the concerned is giving crores of rupees losses to govt. the senior authorities are only seeing the data on paper and simply increase of percentage is not the easy solution giving more burden on the right tax payer. this is the case in all revenue earning departments, the right is bearing the burden of increase of taxes ,high rates, due to no strictness on wrong or opportunists who is taking support of suvidha or other means is enjoying and for mass unnecessary burden a hindrance in their development.
the local authorities if start a campaign to check only the wrong and comply the law and equal criteria for fixation, and prevent people to do wrong. strict punishment to offenders everywhere r.t.o. dept., n,m,p,.water supplies, v a t, excise etc.special monitoring on public works, less dependability on non govt. agencies revenue can be increased . properly computerized and correct procedures of billing and records can prevent huge losses and corruption to large extent. billing and bill receiving deptt. should have different control. proper billing and control can be seen of B S N L, power companies, and of private mobile service providers. the grievances and complaints are negligible. since indian postal services and banks have been computerized and centralized the results are excellent. good management and very less interaction of concerned with the consumers can prevent corruption. centralized
system for receiving payments will itself show the postings and no dependency of manual additions or subtraction without proper documentation will prevent the concerned to hide anything.
najeeb khan
agra 282005

bribery, bribe an abuse

in olden days there were very few who were indulged in this. very few use to be unfaithful by taking bribe which harms the nations of all times.due to greed of money many have harmed the right. in olden times rare use to take bribe, not like these days maximum interested in bribe, new name suvidha, by giving such you can get any work done, mediators are everywhere to help you. but it is now becoming compulsory, those who are fair face transfers and humiliation due to not supporting such people. this is giving crores of rupees losses to government state or central. because who are giving or taking advantage are hiding the facts someway or somehow. the right is running to the department for little works. those who cannot pay bear losses.in British times the bribe was taken from wrong and antisocial elements. their were large percentage of Indians officers who never harassed the right, they use to catch the antisocial or people indulged in wrong,illegal business. their bribe target use to fulfill from them they use to take care that they may not take such advantage which can harm to common man. due to this only the administration was good ,no allowances by giving or providing suvidha. not like these days that an auto driver says he pays for running overloaded, nobody even higher authority can do anything to them . a famous proverb chori aur seena zori.....and abusing to all without any fear of law or order or position of the authority.so to see where this bribe from top to bottom will take the country where.money will accumulate with few persons and they will act like monarchs. saying sabse bara rupaiya....free to do anything you have immense wealth earned by unfair means.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

attention towards hospitals and other govt. dispensaries very necessary

few months back i was at my old residence place galimansadevi rajah Ki Mandi Agra. there i met some old persons, i was on the road, i saw towards old dispensary run by govt. it was in very bad position, i enquired from the nearby shopkeeper, this does not open. he replied all STAFF RETIRED, ONE PEON COMES OPEN FOR SOME TIME GO AWAY, WHAT HE WILL DO THERE NO DOCTOR,MEDICINE,VACCINES OR ANY FACILITY. this is the position of thousands of small and big hospitals through out India. due to no attention, crores of rupees property,furniture,machines are lying unutilised due to lack of running funds and staff. the staff on role sits idle for the whole day do formality, take salary every month and rest what to do. this is the responsibility of local administration and also local elected representatives to utilize some of their funds for renovation and to report to government to look after such.there are lakhs of people who cannot avail medical facilities due to lack of money or awareness. many even not get proper treatment due to corruption in this industry in private sector. there are lot of mediators and hospitals who are misguiding such. if these hospitals run in proper way as earlier and faith again returns in them the students of medical will also get perfect experience, and the new batches will give more good and famous doctors as past. the technology will not be limited to some, and the students in large will not have to wait for experience and practice. indian medical colleges have given well known doctors in past few decades back.
so what i want to high light is that attention towards renovation of these hospitals,dispensaries can give a vast infrastructure with less funds. these hospitals will be greatly helpful for the mass.special care and good administration ,and fair control will give very good services.hope that others will also write on this matter .
najeeb khan
agra 282005

Monday, November 22, 2010

shameful for govt dept.employees.

yesterday i was coming in an private service from st. johns college to kamla nagar. we have to change the service at bhagwan talkies due to route divided among several unions, this is also one of the reason of huge rush on big crossings, if the service is long leaving big crossings automatically the parking and the source of corruption can finish. previously also i wrote in my articles that their is possibility of removing the parking of private vehicles if they only load and unload, no provision of accumulating more than two autos or one bus of one route.but i don't know that why the admin is interested to keep parking on rushed crossings giving a chance of corruption for all.the auto drivers give shameful comments like,..... sarkari adhikari hamari muthi mein woh hamara kya kar leinge, har thaney par dena parta hai, NEW AGRA SE BALKESHWAR TAK PANCH JAGAH DETEY HAIN ITNNE HE BEDHAYEGEY,kamla nagar me alag detey hai, ham to itne hee bedhayegey r.t.o., hamara kya kar lega. these sort of comments and sometimes also abusing is an advantage taken by unions,mediators,and the drivers. this route had always been expensive in respect of kilometers, every time the fare is increased that only three at back seat and two at front seat and after some days same practice of overloading.
do the concerned department, family people not tell such stories to them, or they have become immune d not to see due to corruption. can they not be strict ,i feel ashamed on such comments because my father,my other relations were in govt services, at the moment also many in central govt or state. the suvidha taking departments besides giving huge loss to govt. revenue have also spoiled the image of such services. somebody in lower or higher level should feel ashamed and the share goes to them very less but mediators are enjoying without any pains due to backing of concerned deptt. other then salary can be also earned by such means that the public may get good service and you punish the illegal by any means .your such support of govt. employees can bring appreciation to govt employees in decent manners . punish the wrong and be safe like olden times officers.hoping for something good, over rush in public conveyances is also giving chances to pickpockets etc. to do their jobs and other criminals also hide in transit.

Friday, November 12, 2010

thanks once again

i am really greatly thankful to my friends, doctors at hospital,staff of hospital for special care. astonished to see first time such proper hygienic hospital with senior doctors. thanks that Agra have now good private hospital after olden days medical college hospital.this was needed many years back to control infection cases etc. for which we had to run to Delhi. i know the lacuna of here hospitals earlier because i suffered in my r/t. eye cataract. and the local area doctors took so lightly the problem for many days and i loosed my r/e.vision which is still under problems and cure in spite of lot of treatment in Lucknow and Delhi. i once again thank to my readers who were in contact with my family confirming progress. i am greatly thankful to a deserving surgeon a son of well known eye doctor of his times.his experince and guidance gave me confidence and help in early recovery. now shotly many articles,stories,blogs,columns will be before my readers. thanks and once again faith in almighty GOD.
najeeb khan agra. 282005

Friday, October 8, 2010

holidays in india....

in India we demand a holiday for every occasion. due to many religions we already have lot of festivals. states have their choice to declare of their own. but as i had decided not to write till my operation, new topics come in my mind when i face problem. due to many holidays in bank, money transfer was late, i could not pay my telephone bill on time, late fees i paid. though private sector getting less salary then also seen working on many such holidays. political parties also declare new holidays in their rule govt. every sect is to get a holiday. if such will continue many leaders will come later on and their anniversaries and many other occasions. then 75%holidays and rest work. already lot of work pending in govt offices, courts,and others. have ever anybody thought to make happy and for vote bank how many working hours we are loosing. the private shopkeeper keeps his workplace open. factories run, but hospitals,banks,and many deptts. are closed. their is a need to revise and scrutinise the holidays. few want to celebrate all enjoy. why such a big national loss. . we should work more on anniversaries to pay homage to great leaders. simply announcing a holiday is easy but one holiday effects the work for one week. people face delays and loss of time for a week. because our culture is not to work fast. children face the loss of their course and to complete the target teachers also finish fast because their is another problem the course is to be completed by the prescribed time. ultimately in cumulative due to holiday of few lakhs, crores suffer. but who is bothered. everybody need praise by giving holiday to few. all enjoy holidays but few only celebrate. selected festivals, national holidays ,and majority celebrating festivals in different states can be selected and declared holiday in that region. . increase in list will continue and no end to it . in coming days many new leaders will emerge and then how many celebrations. many even not know what is done on this holiday. one or two are found of that faith in a department or office. sometimes even half day leave can solve the requirement of a person. one alternative few days holiday can be availed on any occasion you want. . why to loose all working hours, this will also give an opportunity to a person to accumulate such holidays and avail them at the time of need on mutual consent of his seniors and colleagues. and these can cooperate to see the imp work of the absentee. not a excuse as usual that the concerned person on leave then come afterward. it is the duty and ability of the head to manage on such occasions. i was in private sector and on many occasions being at the top most position on staff shortage we even use to manage store,dispatch,production and even office work because we were answerable and excuses were not entertained. so attention needed very soon and some solution to be found, why developed country people work for more working hours . do they can not avail so many. because they care for their nation development and enjoy in their earned leave. hope that the concerned will look into it for the benefit of nation....
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

uses and miuses

generally the inventions were done for use. but for convenience or to save money without thinking of harm to society,country,or world people misused it. though thew inventions were carried out to develop the technique for good purposes the natives of world used for wrong purposes . .....
scientists who invented for use must have thought of its misuse. people found out misuse for example polythene and thermocol it was for packing purpose to save paper, save wood, and to save trees to balance the ecology, people of different nature not conscious to environment made glasses,plates, etc instead of packing material. this was the misuse in making utensils which were cheaper from glass or paper and seeing only for cheap products they not cared for side effects and there is disposal problem due to no returnable recycling. this mixture of polythene in garbage made the reuse of it as manure made it laborious and costlier. the misuse of polythene for carry bags created another tremendous problem to the environment. we can see in India all over in rivers, ponds,drains,roadsides,public places filled with polythene and not easy to collect and dispose due to its thickness and density. not profitable to recycle. so i don't know the position of other developing countries really it is a serious threat to the environment ans strict laws and implementation is needed to prevent such.
the illiterates and non understanding citizens are not at all bothered but feel shame to carry bags from their homes. .....there non awareness is a threat to environment and life. for many it doesn't matters but for many like me who were infected due to such people ,i boy t infection in my rt. eye and could not be cured yet due to pollution, the reuse of eye drops in same operated eye .no proper hygiene of compouders, no fumigation in o/t. and then no proper diagnosis, not working of costly injections, may be they were duplicate are one of the reason of no cure. i suggest all that in this infected atmosphere, adulterated material more diseases occur and more chances of infection. so if one start to discard harmful products and your little efforts,can make a difference. overlooking and overconfidence,or mismanagement can bring more harmful situations. as written earlier also that it can be possible by united efforts. i am surprised that educated are asking the shopkeeper for poly bags and they even carry the packed container easy to handle with glory or prestige show. really very sad to hear that a head of nation has denied his visit to Agra due to its dirty atmosphere, the reports of his prior to visit team had given adverse report. how the people of agra,country take it . due to no discipline of throwing garbage,and still the factor of superstitions to keep or collect waste inside, the people still having the decades old mentality, illiteracy, unawareness,and no manners bring country in such shameful conditions. i see near my house and locality that instead of giving the garbage to the carrier of such they have made temporary place to throw garbage ,which the dogs and other animals carry all over the area. they understand the problem then also they do not wait for safai karamchari to come and even throw after he goes. this is not an act of anti socials who want to keep their surrounding dirty. sometimes the disposals of pads and diapers are seen by children as a new item and these dirty disposals are collected or touched by garbage collectors who collect plastic etc. out it . shame for those who do it and how they call themselves advanced, this do not effect in villages because the garbage is dumped far from residential area and processed for manure. such illiterate ill mannered citizens need fines and concerned authorities should be strict. in whole world cleanliness is only possible by support of citizens. they obey rule and regulation. there nobody disposes rats,garbage,in front of their or other houses or at public places every body shares the responsibility. and the cities are clean in comparison to developing countries. for administration it is impossible to provide a staff for full time who may wait that when you will throw garbage and you will clan. sometimes i feel that such people who not follow rules and regulation, and live like uncivilized tribes should be prevented to live in metros or cities. first they should become disciplined then to live in good cities. due to such few person and their immune to not to hear any body is the real reason of n.m.p. failure to keep the country clean. really citizens are fed up of such elements who are not cooperating to keep the locality clean.
so if you use any law for good it is use or disobey it is misuse. ...the other many examples of use and misuse of inventions, application are use and misuse of mobile phone, some use it for conveying or locating, the anti socials use it for crime. conveyance is meant to go to your destination others use it for crime. law is made to protect some use it to save taxes, the tax paid products by customer is brought from other states to save money. ATM was made for necessary others involved in its misuse by duplicating at retail centers and trying to know password. medicines were made to cure some use it for drugs. mediclaim was made to facilitate some use it for earning and even doctors and druggist,are involved with hospitals. so made for help and use . anti socials misuse for their personal interests. prevent and discard such and help to administration to identify such antisocial elements who are misusing and becoming a hindrance in development of our country...
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

why the rate of crime is high

it is true that in British time the selection of police deptt. was very tough and fair. only competent use to get job. many senior officers of my family and their friends contd.after independence. after independence largely due to political interference and quota in jobs ,the selection authorities became helpless. transfers on not fulfilling the source and direction they were transferred .so the officers became immuned to abide though they not agreed and completed their tenure. firstly the relatives of the powerful people entered the services and due to no fear of any departmental action they started disobeying and undisciplined downgraded the quality of service. the police due to no discipline became such that they were not fair and felt no responsibility. this gave a chance to criminals and anti socials to come up .the charging and frame got interfered and the culprits started getting free from court. the delay in court decisions gave a big advantage. .in earlier times due to long tenure the chowki and thana officials new well the local anti socials.though the police is blamed for corruption, but others are are responsible for it .if for getting transfer near his hometown to look after his family he will have to pay shulk or suvidha then from where he will compensate. if a home guard will have to pay to get duty obviously he will like a place like bhagwan talkies,fountain,bijlighar,or water works etc. because he need returns. no doubt corruption is there but is due to involvement of government elected bodies. the all elected representatives are not competent in all friends. there knowledge is limited. even chief ministers are seeing the placements,ministers and other political powerful people are interfering. then how can you expect good administration.even a common man knows that this officer is near to this politician. .due to these reasons only the administrative class is not even not following instructions of ministers. i have evidences that the service class not followed the instructions of the state govt because the local authority was governed by other political party and was getting shelter and assurance that nothing will happen to you. the deptt.which was under direct control of state govt did the job. finally who suffers the citizens.the common men even not know that in which govt. jurisdiction the concerned deptt. comes. their are many examples of political rivalry and the problems the public is facing like work of double line from tundla to Agra,,railway line in bateshwar ,many plans inaugurated in times of other govts,,development of Agra,which needs aerodrome (civil) near tajmahal.,renovation of many hospitals,colleges,and homes. . generally when i write on corruption i start writing the causes of it .it is the fact that due to such people every where in India are facing delays and the cost of the schemes go high. no cooperation is giving huge revenue losses to India.the political people are responsible only for it .for their vote bank and personal benefits the administration is going weak day by day and only is after making happy the royal dignitaries. have anybody seen the problem of people,daily we read the stories of loots,chain snatching,etc. as per me either the concerned are under pressure of not taking action against them or their network of c.i.d.,or cooperation of local is not there. may be due to leakage of information,or the rate of doing wrong is going high. many new faces are seen daily on pan shops,bars,hotels,stands,stations,and other crowded places. i often see same faces roaming on such places though i go rarely to such places.it means that they the administration is not getting right and correct information.due to fear or involvement they are misguided. their are many weapons with police to any where ,anybody.the police can be strict and keep an regular eye on such places,it will take time because these days anti socials are well dressed,carry good mobile,vehicles,and have a strong network. if you go to such places they change discussion,which they have learnt by practice from seeing in films and t.v. serials,and they are even educated highly as read in many news when the culprits were caught. the source of detection which can help is that what is their profession why they go to banks,other places,daily,how they are getting so much money for petrol,enjoyment and roaming. no parents have so much money to spare =.crime is involved somewhere either they are picking from their homes,shops,or are having involvement in something else. the idles can be screened and can be followed by investigation agencies. to reduce the crime concretely lot of training,less work load,new technologies i have highlighted in my several letters to govt many years ago and good fast vehicles,and strict implementation of law is needed. the police and administration should not work under any pressure as the per the pledge they gave to the constitution of India at the start of their service.definitely the right always win and GOD always help such who work for society,country and the good results can be achieved by unity among all seniors or juniors,and if few will start many will follow and we will achieve a peaceful crime less and a good future for coming generations,now its the time to to think for nation apart from personal achievements,personal pocket. the increase of crime is unemployment,difference in standard of living making ambitions to others. eat more ,live well,help,purchase well,but show less so that those who cannot achieve in short time go to wrong path. may god bless,and regards to elders with a request to come forward to work for India,state,city,town and locality whatever you can.
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

cleanliness the worst in india.

you visit any city in India metro or others you will find garbage all over. nobody is caring for it though it is the main reason of high rate of disease in india. always in every season, viral,dengue,swine flue,etc. other spreading diseases like malaria,fileria,tuberculosis,infections after o/t. and many other diseases. the rate is very high in Asia and Africa very less in Europe,Australia and America....though a huge budget is spent in many develop countries like India,but the help and work is not done satisfactorily due to corruption and no proper planning and execution.
though on record billions are spent on hygiene but the results are not coming because the main causes are not removed. i see in Agra sludge is removed from drains,but not removed it again go back to its origin.nobody checks or held responsible and same story for years. during election period of corporation all show very active but afterwords all involved in other activities,nobody is seen in their respective areas during start or finish. all on papers little work done and rain comes and all in poison to say that new garbage has entered. previous year i wrote to administration that this should be done in dry season so that it may be removed easily. easily. off season advantage is taken since years and every year the drains are in worst position and the reason of water logging and health,ans stinking atmosphere .you not easy to go to small mohallas galis in rainy season. people also not cooperating ,they are independent and free to throw house garbage anywhere. i have seen even educated and so called hi-fi, throwing garbage,ladies disposal napkins on road side and dogs enjoying the taste and carrying all over the area a good display for children who are surprised to see blood in cotton and school going children generally point towards it i often see and hear them discussing .my house is on the way of school. people do not feel shame in throwing garbage in polythene s from roof tops and animals swallow them and have severe problems reported many times. the owners also leave them on roads to get flooded free. there is no action taken and no challans are done. so the culprits are taking advantage. the main reason behind dirty atmosphere is citizens and the govt. agencies to control them. action and attention is very necessary so the position may not become worse all over and disease may not become uncontrollable,.for a developed nation health is the main factor then only the hope of developed nation by 2020 can be achieved....
najeeb khan
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

why sleeping.....

i had written many times to admin. from low to high level. but only formalities done no concrete decision was taken .simply passing the reason one or another never do as a routine. what is the use of funds allotted to sabhasads,if they are used in their preference areas,or used otherwise,.i am very surprised that a senior party leader who supported the present sabhasad is even not concerned of his residence nearby area,there is also,school,inter college in that locality of kamla nagar agra. seeing even the threat of dengue virus the concerned never tried to do something concrete. how people may know the exact position because many come to that area but in a/c cars.how these will smell that stinking atmosphere. when the complaint is coming again and again it means it need removal of sludge,which is necessary before monsoons was not done this year,may be done on paper.these problems cannot be decided or resolved unless strict measures are taken in planned way. and the area sabhasads, officials,should be answerable to citizens and the local m.l.a. ,m.p. ,should also be concerned. when all have time during election then why not now. for getting publicity and focus for media,in opening ceremonies of even a barber shop all have time but nobody have time for general requirement of citizens except passing on the problem on other party govts. a decent excuse by everybody. but what state govts to do with n.m.p. jurisdiction problems. r.t.i.,other regulatory organizations of govts. have also sent the concerns to the concerned authority,so now people have to go to judiciary for little matters. so nothing can be done until and unless all concerned must feel their responsibility and should not be limited to enjoy the position and facility. simply being active on election periods,and on sensitive matters which give good publicity to be in the news do not give good work message to common .people vote a candidate to remove corruption, and to get work done in his responsibilities. not to enjoy the yojnas construction work and even never see that the funds were properly utilized or not. simply giving good speeches and getting attention and favor of big leaders is not not real service to the nation,state or your city,locality.
this message is for all elected members that people elect you for good work in all tenure and simply assurances will not help all are concerned for development. why not managed that all concerned deptt. all staff may work properly and if only they start to work for four hours then the picture will be different,all immuned not to work due to corruption and lack of proper administration. in India only the bosses are fearful of their subordinates because the suvidha book is open to all from grass root level to top. hope only to God to help and improve.....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

see to it for my views

due to health problems i will write less. by the time readers can know my views on
will be back to my work in november,if by God grace and your blessings my operations are o.k.
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

price hike can be checked

almost every year the prices of electricity,gas etc. are increased. this definitely effects the budget of a common man. the apposition parties organize few dharnas,blockades which also effect the common society.but no concrete efforts are done in houses of parliament or vidhan sabha. the misuse of gas ,less speed of putting gas lines,seals of cylinders to be more secured,and not can be easily tampered. .many years back the aluminum injection type of seal use to come which was not easily possible to play with. so measures are necessary to stop losses of consumers otherwise,domestic cylinders to be stopped for commercial use .the theft of electric power is another reason of prices rise often ,why the right to pay for illegal use of others. the consumption of unbilled power is more than paid power in urban areas. power loss by such is the largest in world .a this can be prevented by strict laws and no compromise for anybody .l til when the increases will effect the right user and offenders to enjoy free .no problem if price hike is due to genuine reasons,but should not be due to its misuse. najeeb khan agra 282005..........

Friday, June 18, 2010


many times i have seen tourists and commuters coming to Agra to see historical places and for other works. those who know somebody in Agra get help but unknown persons are misguided by lapkas always present on railway stations, bust stand on other places. wonder nobody checks them for their always presence there. though i travel less i see same faces roaming o0n these places.do the concerned not recognize them and if why grace to such. this must be prevented many vising Agra have suffers personal losses.few days back i read in a news paper that somebody took away belongings of an air force personnel, a student came to give exam. he had a center at kheria,he was taken to a hotel at Bhagwan talkies, then charged Rs. 300 to show the campus, is he was not cheated for commission. this all happens due to the infra responsible for giving information not doing its service properly. tourism is to provide such information verbally and by providing literature. n.m.p. and a.d.a. a.s.i. can provide assistance on such places. railway can announce to beware of such. all deptts. are earning huge revenue from visitors, some can be spent on guiding tourists Indians or foreigners.if financial constraint some charges of guide can be taken... najeeb khan Agra 282005

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

no coperation observed it is necessary...

it is seen that the maximum public is not giving the right information. they understand that by doing so they will b taxed in future . this i also so in last census in Kanpur. today i was talking to a lady on duty . she told me that people are not giving the information. i request the concerned to create awareness, and people should know its importance. administration need to b strict and announce that those who will not sign on the sheet their all id. proofs and other govt facilities will b stopped till they complete the information.due to no cooperation of citizens the proper information is not on record. this some do because they want to misuse and are taking benefit otherwise.they are taking benefit by such for illegal purposes need not to mention.sometimes the investigators who are not FAIR TELL IDEAS to peple HOW TO SAVE N.M.P. TAX. WATER TAX,AND OTHER TAXES.I HAD BEEN ASSOCIATED WITH MANY BIG COMPANIES AND DURING MY TENURE I FOUND VERY FEW PERSONS WHO WERE JUST I OBSERVED THAT RIGHT DISCLOSURE IN ANY FIELD ALWAYS CREATE PROBLEM. EVERYBODY KNOWS THE FUNDA OF SUVIDHA.AND ALWAYS A PROVERB UPAR BHI TO PAHUCHANA HAI. I THINK THAT ABOVE IS GOD ,HOW IT REACHES TO HIM AND IN WHICH ACCOUNT.I REQUEST THE TRUE NATIONALISTS OF INDIA TO THINK FOR DEVELOPMENT OF COUNTRY. ALL ARE PAID WELL FOR THEIR JOBS.EITHER ARISTOCRATS OR BUREAUCRATS. WE CAn find any where people deputed collecting illegal collecton, money, many time channels,media,newspaper have shown taking bribe but never any action was taken.ultimately the common man is suffering because higher income group have many sources to increase the income he have many formulas to hide income because of lacuna's and corruption...........najeeb khan agra 282005.

Monday, May 31, 2010

why the right to suffer

many years back a swakar scheme was launched by nagar nigam . so many right persons declared the right area (covered). but many declared wrong and took the advantage of no proper verification on site. the houses l.i.g.,m.i.g.,others have same land rooms except few additions done personally by individuals.many followed the calculation formula system in the book of swakar but many gave incorrect information so the assessment value differs in same houses,so i would request the authorities to first fix a formula same for all and all to pay equal taxes because all share same facilities provided by nagar nigam.so i suggest to re survey the houses and to b done by competent authority and should be transparent to all neighbors so they can cross verify,This will also increase the revenue of nagar nigam, and taxes will be fair as per the construction area
najeeb khan agra 282005

Monday, May 24, 2010

traffic rules r not observed

if u are on Indian roads you will find all haphazard i have seen many foreigners laughing on how people run on roads. all are involved whether cycles pedestrians,scooters.cars,rickshaws,autos vans and even ambulances or the govt. vehicles. you cant imagine from where anybody can come. this is the only reason of high rate of accidents in India.you can find so much overloading , even hanged on sides ,if you are not alert then be ready for some bad consequences.i am not aware that who is to punish for wrong driving but if attention is not given the situation will be more worse .the vehicle drivers r not at all fearful because of no strict law implementation.we can observe the speed of roaming vehicles,doing actions as shown in t. v. program mes. are the rods of colonies meant for that.the commuters will only learn the right driving only if the administrations is strict on such.a constructive system to be implemented. the offenders to be punished for a lesson without any partiality or under any pressure, when the concerned will regularly check and will get appreciation and support by their seniors, some improvement can be done and the risk can be reduced durng using of roads by all.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


every where in India v have thousand of gardens public places v r short of land for plantation though local authorities claim their control but actually they r managed by local societies, so the revenue does not go to government.so i suggest that local govt bodies should not allow to give these places for public use if the charges does not come to govt. it can not b given in the hands of such few people societies. local n.m.p.,palikas,district boards,can extract this money for greenery, maintenance,water supply ,gardener etc.this will also give more revenue,good maintenance,and will stop the misuse of public property well understood. This work can also b managed by forest deptt.and they have the infrastructure.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

tips by me

good morning world today i m writing few tips which can b of help .every tip will start after **these few i will elaborate in my next articles this i have learn t from elders,teachers,education,study, politics,experience,hindrances,unnecessary created problems,noncooperation,and definitely inherited some from my predecessors which i believe is universal. my ideas r applicable if u think and study check for facts,make study habits and agree with facts.
** always bye medicines with cash memo to get genuine product.
** keep a personal account of your financial transactions either with bank or else where.
** keep an eye open seeing around during travel or n daily routine.
** verify the person before any dealing either for accommodation or business through some reliable source.
** do not entertain money collectors of the unregistered society or N.G.O's
these are the few others in detail i will elaborate in my future blogs.

Friday, February 5, 2010

how to manage

if u r on travel, or on way all over India, or even if in such and important city like Agra where hundreds of foreign tourist visit everyday u will find on main roads and highway passing through Agra, blockade at some place or another. even if a buffalo dies due to accident due to negligence of some other who run away people stop the road and people passing through suffer for hours, few hundred people going for rally, procession etc. cover the whole road and few of their companions stop the traffic unnecessary this can be manage easily by the administration and the accompanying security staff which can easily pilot bifurcating in two parts, one part may continue the procession, and the other part in middle near divider may continue the traffic. in middle the security person can move with the procession keeping in line controlling by rope from start point to end. this will stop unnecessary jams and trouble to people. a suitable place like some grounds in the city should be allowed to different organizations for their processions and the concerned authority to whom they want to give their protest letter etc. should go at the spot at the approved sight. roads, bye- passes, crossings, should not be allowed for such activities. people chose busy sights only to get cheap publicity and media coverage leaving behind thousands of citizens in problem. the true nationalist is who protest in such a way that the law and order may not be affected and their demands may also go to the authority in decent way and no loss may be done to public or govt. property..

Sunday, January 31, 2010

is it was necessary

was these decisions were necessary to grow the economy and employment, and were to increase the revenue of the govt. departments were formed in the British time and besides doing govt. jobs efficiency they were also gaining revenue. the drafts were also answerable. but instead of making efforts to improve them, the government decided to give such jobs to private sector. for example due to increase in rental of b.s.n.l. land line telephones the majority of people change the service provider from b.s.n.l. to private sector and the position of b.s.n.l. with his competitors is well known to all a wide decision had been if the license must have been given for mobiles services only to non government sector. b.s.n.l is the only network which provides connections of landlines everywhere in India. private sector shows only cities were their is less chance of loss. the other loss incurred to govt. was giving license to so many courier companies which effected the revenue of coastal deptt. and then also now we are depending to send letters, parcels etc. to small villages through only Indian postal services. you will not find franchisees of courier companies of small towns or villages and people are still dependent on postal deptt. postal department is the only reliable and answerable service for delivery of documents to the person and the only genuine address verification.(to be continued)

Friday, January 1, 2010


i am surprised by the decisions taken every year by govt. of india regarding increase of taxes , instead of finding the lacunas a simple way is to increase the tax load on service class why tax is increase on government employees and service class they are helpless because they can not hide their income though others well understood have many ways to hide their income their is no strict law or infrastructure to control or prevent to hide other ways of income instead of working for increasing the taxes by other sources screening of non service class, non tax payers who are liable tp pay taxes, the easy target is income of salary class the government employees of state and central have less other facilities on which also money is spent the other class have even the possibility to spent in the name of others for themselves they can spent unlimited amount in travel, luxury hotels etc. the salary class is already facing the load of high prices and this increase in taxation will definitely effect the way of living. measures can be taken to bring out undeclared money to increase the revenue. taxation on salary class is not the easy solution.