Tuesday, December 21, 2010

why i suspect

today morning when i was on morning walk one known to me asked why i suspect on many in my blogs. i have been strongly writing for checks,registration,enrollment,licensing etc. actually these many systems were started in British time not only to get some revenue but it was indirect control on immigrants,outsiders coming to city from nearby. this use to give information of their whereabouts. one collector of taxes use to check cycles,carts,bullock carts,stalls,street vendors, foot path sellers etc. though the tax was very nominal but it gave a chance to verify every person which is not practically possible for the police or intelligence. doubtful cases were referred to other agencies for verification. this way the n.m.p.,besides revenue also had a information data s of all such, if incidents took place it was easy to verify or trace antisocial from them. when other political parties came in power they formed nigams like Mandi samiti, and many others so the task city administration was doing on check posts on borders and during that intelligence and others use to observe came to an end . one check post was sufficient for all departments to check. but when anti socials entered in politics they eliminated such departments which was hindrance in doing their illegal activities.

all over the world departments,industries are merging but in India for every job new nigams are formed to create new portfolios for their political supporters or to console their ambitions not thinking of losses to govt in salaries, security, staff, conveyance etc. many i.a.s., are even not having budget or staff to compliance. but only to please one community one new section is formed. practically it is helping nil. like Muslim welfare department in Agra sitting alone in a collect orate room. if he had been associated with main samaj kalyan vibhag he must have utilized his position. unnecessary many deptt. or parishads are extra burden on state and central government. political power in rule should think the importance of funds given in taxes by poor. not given to enjoy or to spent in personal ambitions,publicity etc. no govt. dept hoarding published by information ministry should give photos of political leaders in power or to fight election in future.

so in short what i want to say such small revenue collecting departments should be restarted and all same work parishads,nigams,etc to be merged.as many years back i write that water works and sewage should be under one control though it was planned but not yet in force completely.
najeeb khan

Monday, December 6, 2010

food therapy natural therapy

my predecessors were adopting the profession of teachers, natural therapy and food therapy. this could not be contd in my grandfather time because his father maulvi zulfiqar ali died in early age , and later on my grand father was adopted by military contractor faiz khan, so he put him in business of shoe line, the first shoe factory was started in 1885 with pandit har krishan dhar and then maharajah of Gwalior due to his love for very good shoes in panni gali agra where now sindhi model high school runs. but this is all now history. my father also not had interest in family profession.

i had interest in therapies, after when i self left my profession of leather and chemicals technology in the year 2001.i studied my old belonging on this subject,got them translated, noted many recipes, then i studied the present substitutes of many. i myself experimented their results and side effects but wondered that there no side effects, this assured me that why kings,queens,maharajahs,other warriors, and noble people were healthy throughout their life.

so what is natural or food therapy, it means that we get medication through natural and food products. exercise cleaning, and maintenance of body by natural products are also part of it. for example gulab water, multani mitti orange peel of are still part of face packs simply proper processing, and addition of some perfumes carriers,emulsifiers have made ready made products.same is with food, it has been directed to eat fruits and vegetables which grow in your nearby areas, like melon,petha,plum, guava, though now artificially they have been planted everywhere but they grow naturally without any efforts. it means that they are essential for this area people. this is the main theory and concept. the other example is neem tree mainly found in uttar pradesh rajashthan etc. so it required for this area. so same is with masalas they are very essential for food, and most of the Mogul dishes recipes are specially cooked in this manner vegetable or non vegetarian.
najeeb khan
kamla nagar agra-5

Thursday, December 2, 2010

hindrances in development and in increase of govt.revenue.

if you view in my blogs and articles i always wrote on how to increase revenue of govt. i even wrote to prime minister and chief minister of the state. many of the decisions are taken very late till then crores go to illegal pockets. the schemes of govt. come in high percentage for such projects which have no assets, most of the N G O are having the projects which are non accountable or very less chances to be checked after use of the help. who is check that the help reached to right person or not. none b p l cards are checked many of them must have crossed the eligibility, many must have down graded. assessment on site is negligible most of the work is in offices. plots who have converted in many stored building ,big premises are paying less taxes than lower income group houses. so the corruption and no activeness by the concerned is giving crores of rupees losses to govt. the senior authorities are only seeing the data on paper and simply increase of percentage is not the easy solution giving more burden on the right tax payer. this is the case in all revenue earning departments, the right is bearing the burden of increase of taxes ,high rates, due to no strictness on wrong or opportunists who is taking support of suvidha or other means is enjoying and for mass unnecessary burden a hindrance in their development.
the local authorities if start a campaign to check only the wrong and comply the law and equal criteria for fixation, and prevent people to do wrong. strict punishment to offenders everywhere r.t.o. dept., n,m,p,.water supplies, v a t, excise etc.special monitoring on public works, less dependability on non govt. agencies revenue can be increased . properly computerized and correct procedures of billing and records can prevent huge losses and corruption to large extent. billing and bill receiving deptt. should have different control. proper billing and control can be seen of B S N L, power companies, and of private mobile service providers. the grievances and complaints are negligible. since indian postal services and banks have been computerized and centralized the results are excellent. good management and very less interaction of concerned with the consumers can prevent corruption. centralized
system for receiving payments will itself show the postings and no dependency of manual additions or subtraction without proper documentation will prevent the concerned to hide anything.
najeeb khan
agra 282005

bribery, bribe an abuse

in olden days there were very few who were indulged in this. very few use to be unfaithful by taking bribe which harms the nations of all times.due to greed of money many have harmed the right. in olden times rare use to take bribe, not like these days maximum interested in bribe, new name suvidha, by giving such you can get any work done, mediators are everywhere to help you. but it is now becoming compulsory, those who are fair face transfers and humiliation due to not supporting such people. this is giving crores of rupees losses to government state or central. because who are giving or taking advantage are hiding the facts someway or somehow. the right is running to the department for little works. those who cannot pay bear losses.in British times the bribe was taken from wrong and antisocial elements. their were large percentage of Indians officers who never harassed the right, they use to catch the antisocial or people indulged in wrong,illegal business. their bribe target use to fulfill from them they use to take care that they may not take such advantage which can harm to common man. due to this only the administration was good ,no allowances by giving or providing suvidha. not like these days that an auto driver says he pays for running overloaded, nobody even higher authority can do anything to them . a famous proverb chori aur seena zori.....and abusing to all without any fear of law or order or position of the authority.so to see where this bribe from top to bottom will take the country where.money will accumulate with few persons and they will act like monarchs. saying sabse bara rupaiya....free to do anything you have immense wealth earned by unfair means.