Monday, December 6, 2010

food therapy natural therapy

my predecessors were adopting the profession of teachers, natural therapy and food therapy. this could not be contd in my grandfather time because his father maulvi zulfiqar ali died in early age , and later on my grand father was adopted by military contractor faiz khan, so he put him in business of shoe line, the first shoe factory was started in 1885 with pandit har krishan dhar and then maharajah of Gwalior due to his love for very good shoes in panni gali agra where now sindhi model high school runs. but this is all now history. my father also not had interest in family profession.

i had interest in therapies, after when i self left my profession of leather and chemicals technology in the year 2001.i studied my old belonging on this subject,got them translated, noted many recipes, then i studied the present substitutes of many. i myself experimented their results and side effects but wondered that there no side effects, this assured me that why kings,queens,maharajahs,other warriors, and noble people were healthy throughout their life.

so what is natural or food therapy, it means that we get medication through natural and food products. exercise cleaning, and maintenance of body by natural products are also part of it. for example gulab water, multani mitti orange peel of are still part of face packs simply proper processing, and addition of some perfumes carriers,emulsifiers have made ready made products.same is with food, it has been directed to eat fruits and vegetables which grow in your nearby areas, like melon,petha,plum, guava, though now artificially they have been planted everywhere but they grow naturally without any efforts. it means that they are essential for this area people. this is the main theory and concept. the other example is neem tree mainly found in uttar pradesh rajashthan etc. so it required for this area. so same is with masalas they are very essential for food, and most of the Mogul dishes recipes are specially cooked in this manner vegetable or non vegetarian.
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