Thursday, December 2, 2010

bribery, bribe an abuse

in olden days there were very few who were indulged in this. very few use to be unfaithful by taking bribe which harms the nations of all times.due to greed of money many have harmed the right. in olden times rare use to take bribe, not like these days maximum interested in bribe, new name suvidha, by giving such you can get any work done, mediators are everywhere to help you. but it is now becoming compulsory, those who are fair face transfers and humiliation due to not supporting such people. this is giving crores of rupees losses to government state or central. because who are giving or taking advantage are hiding the facts someway or somehow. the right is running to the department for little works. those who cannot pay bear British times the bribe was taken from wrong and antisocial elements. their were large percentage of Indians officers who never harassed the right, they use to catch the antisocial or people indulged in wrong,illegal business. their bribe target use to fulfill from them they use to take care that they may not take such advantage which can harm to common man. due to this only the administration was good ,no allowances by giving or providing suvidha. not like these days that an auto driver says he pays for running overloaded, nobody even higher authority can do anything to them . a famous proverb chori aur seena zori.....and abusing to all without any fear of law or order or position of the to see where this bribe from top to bottom will take the country will accumulate with few persons and they will act like monarchs. saying sabse bara to do anything you have immense wealth earned by unfair means.

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