Tuesday, November 30, 2010

attention towards hospitals and other govt. dispensaries very necessary

few months back i was at my old residence place galimansadevi rajah Ki Mandi Agra. there i met some old persons, i was on the road, i saw towards old dispensary run by govt. it was in very bad position, i enquired from the nearby shopkeeper, this does not open. he replied all STAFF RETIRED, ONE PEON COMES OPEN FOR SOME TIME GO AWAY, WHAT HE WILL DO THERE NO DOCTOR,MEDICINE,VACCINES OR ANY FACILITY. this is the position of thousands of small and big hospitals through out India. due to no attention, crores of rupees property,furniture,machines are lying unutilised due to lack of running funds and staff. the staff on role sits idle for the whole day do formality, take salary every month and rest what to do. this is the responsibility of local administration and also local elected representatives to utilize some of their funds for renovation and to report to government to look after such.there are lakhs of people who cannot avail medical facilities due to lack of money or awareness. many even not get proper treatment due to corruption in this industry in private sector. there are lot of mediators and hospitals who are misguiding such. if these hospitals run in proper way as earlier and faith again returns in them the students of medical will also get perfect experience, and the new batches will give more good and famous doctors as past. the technology will not be limited to some, and the students in large will not have to wait for experience and practice. indian medical colleges have given well known doctors in past few decades back.
so what i want to high light is that attention towards renovation of these hospitals,dispensaries can give a vast infrastructure with less funds. these hospitals will be greatly helpful for the mass.special care and good administration ,and fair control will give very good services.hope that others will also write on this matter .
najeeb khan
agra 282005

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