Saturday, July 9, 2011

how criminals take advantage and crime % increasing.

i started in my earlier blogs writing about crime,terrorism,and also gave many suggestions to p.m.o. office and other concerned.many i am happy have been implemented and worked out.i will summarize some of them important again.
since my childhood i also got society of some big police and administration officials.we use to hear their experiences as stories.i also updated many from my wife memories.her father was at very high profile in British government and at last before 1947, he was manager of state of Mr. Paul near saharanpur.those days he was responsible for all operations of the state concerned to forests,recovery and other operations.he left for Lucknow and then he also worked for many taluqadars and rajas.
cumulatively IDEAS came in my my mind and adding my personal experiences i wrote many articles on crime.3c is worth reading for new in this field.the standard and values of police was very great before and after partition.but the position worsened in last for decades.the difference i mention,olden period if one policemen use to go to village there was terror there what had they retaliate and argue.why all due to many involved in wrong support or others well known.many times i closely asked many why so,the clear reply was that i gave bribe for appointment and i have still to pay interest of my mortgaged land. the story with others may be the root of corruption starts from the entry. in British times also corruption was there but the rate of crime was very less.the reason was that no obligations of any,no allowances of any sort with culprit.the law application were same for all.not like if any marked car with red,blue very less the concern of duty peep inside.their is a law if the officer or other portfolio holder is not inside car it should be covered.many can make use of ambulances or such others of high portfolios. for diverting the minds.many cases seen were detected involvement of high profile family or friends.such always find shelter of such.earlier in British time the information system by common was also fool leakages,now as once i wrote to a very senior i.p.s.,officer a complaint.he asked me to sent photos of such.who will or can be present on such occasions,the idea GIVEN WAS TO BE BE VERIFIED BY SELF OR CONCERNED.this is the reason that as earlier people not run after culprits because so much of formalities and lacuna's that it becomes a personal grudge for the British time and also after independence their was bribe or suvidha but only from those who are indulged in or caught in illegal activities,like those doing business of selling theft products,adulterated products,satta agents,smugglers,sellers of such products,sellers of duplicate,wanderers,eve-teasers,and other such activities which were not directly to the common man.they use to not spare such in their ways use to punish and vice there was confidence and faith.NOW THE PERCENTAGE OF COMPLAINTS ARE MORE IN COMPARISON TO PRAISE OR GOOD WORK.THEN OFFICERS NEVER Participated in any party meeting or programme on any cause or occasion.they were only to look for their responsibility.of any class or status.why because any verbal statement can become a i quote,once a very senior i.p.s. was in a felicitation programme in kamla nagar ,as usual garland etc. after the party or programme was over some asked that we can make our areas covered by gates.the acceptance not on record was taken for granted,the work still lying incomplete was done,then the objections came because it is against law to prevent entry. then afterwards that officer stated that he only allowed barriers not such gates.this is how personal talks are taken as granted as permissions.
i have written lot for police reforms,training as per present way of crimes, the other suggestion i did is in progress and helping lot in detecting such.much can be improved by simply cool watch on such places where the culprits often accumulate,beside uses and safety now the use of non standard helmet is giving support to culprits. the covering of face is even done in such places where it should not be allowed. use of mobile in banks and outside wanders accumulation to be prevented.the corp on duty not to be on chairs in English officer way. if tired then rep-lament and short duty can be given on such places where the crime starts.the internal security also can recognize often coming to banks. they can prevent unnecessary waiting for no work.strictness by all can only prevent crimes.high crime areas can be more checked by r.t.o.,traffic police,picket,and vigilance can follow such for seeing their activities in peak hours of market and banks opening. public can also prevent by using more cheques for payments,it is a white money and can be paid easily without any fear of taxation. those who go outsides can make use of c.b.s/drafts etc.a.t.m are there for other short requirements.police also to see that sometimes it can be fake report to claim from insurance the loot or theft as found many times.awareness can stop away from talking to a person keeping his bike start,may be he may be diverting your mind,prevent stopping o0n way,and shoeing of the amount in banks.all police department can not control.people will have to support by their management.high values may be transferred by cheques or drafts.only a little commission loss. police will have to be more mobile and vigil and people to support in vehicles checking and not to make a prestige issue or otherwise.because the criminals of these days are well equipped,well dressed,well connected and take the advantage of rush,encroachment and hindrances to be after them or photograph due to hindrances.much can change by awareness,vigil,unity during the incident country in world can provide one security with one person.we will have to secure by precautions and police by fast movement as done in developed countries.all cooperate for it then chances of reducing.politicians also to support for right causes seeing the reason and intention behind.such diverts the mind of investigating agencies.generally culprits try to keep the forces involved in other conflicts to enable them or their group to do their illegal activities.beware of them................

Monday, July 4, 2011

it is possible

this is the best season to plant trees.though the forest department as usual plant saplings every year,but others also can cooperate and help.their is lot of open land lying in compounds of govt. offices,schools,railways others.this can be done by public and staff cooperation as shram Dan and to be looked after by appointed Mali staff.they also should have guards to protect from animals.the road sides,highways,space around park of colonies after removing hoardings etc to be used to plant saplings or seeds in order.this will develop in good look and shelter for humans and animals in summer.the stray animals to be send to shelters and n.m.p. to be very strict in wandering animals like ox,cow others.if not the property of any can be sent to jungles.these only causes sometimes opportunity to antisocial to steal for illegal purposes.they harm the young trees.there are many self sufficient gaushalas where they can look after well.the n.g.o. can collect food door to door for them.people also to think of green plants and made aware not to harm them.this can be best social help to plant trees.very important to stabilize the water level and to save environment.if any want to feel difference practically can pass on road with trees or through any park,the heat is very less and pleasant. so all come forward to save and plant trees can be of giving fruits like jamun,mango,khinni,and many others which also give fruits beside shed for all human and animals.