Monday, July 4, 2011

it is possible

this is the best season to plant trees.though the forest department as usual plant saplings every year,but others also can cooperate and help.their is lot of open land lying in compounds of govt. offices,schools,railways others.this can be done by public and staff cooperation as shram Dan and to be looked after by appointed Mali staff.they also should have guards to protect from animals.the road sides,highways,space around park of colonies after removing hoardings etc to be used to plant saplings or seeds in order.this will develop in good look and shelter for humans and animals in summer.the stray animals to be send to shelters and n.m.p. to be very strict in wandering animals like ox,cow others.if not the property of any can be sent to jungles.these only causes sometimes opportunity to antisocial to steal for illegal purposes.they harm the young trees.there are many self sufficient gaushalas where they can look after well.the n.g.o. can collect food door to door for them.people also to think of green plants and made aware not to harm them.this can be best social help to plant trees.very important to stabilize the water level and to save environment.if any want to feel difference practically can pass on road with trees or through any park,the heat is very less and pleasant. so all come forward to save and plant trees can be of giving fruits like jamun,mango,khinni,and many others which also give fruits beside shed for all human and animals.

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