Monday, May 31, 2010

why the right to suffer

many years back a swakar scheme was launched by nagar nigam . so many right persons declared the right area (covered). but many declared wrong and took the advantage of no proper verification on site. the houses l.i.g.,m.i.g.,others have same land rooms except few additions done personally by individuals.many followed the calculation formula system in the book of swakar but many gave incorrect information so the assessment value differs in same houses,so i would request the authorities to first fix a formula same for all and all to pay equal taxes because all share same facilities provided by nagar i suggest to re survey the houses and to b done by competent authority and should be transparent to all neighbors so they can cross verify,This will also increase the revenue of nagar nigam, and taxes will be fair as per the construction area
najeeb khan agra 282005

Monday, May 24, 2010

traffic rules r not observed

if u are on Indian roads you will find all haphazard i have seen many foreigners laughing on how people run on roads. all are involved whether cycles pedestrians,,rickshaws,autos vans and even ambulances or the govt. vehicles. you cant imagine from where anybody can come. this is the only reason of high rate of accidents in can find so much overloading , even hanged on sides ,if you are not alert then be ready for some bad consequences.i am not aware that who is to punish for wrong driving but if attention is not given the situation will be more worse .the vehicle drivers r not at all fearful because of no strict law implementation.we can observe the speed of roaming vehicles,doing actions as shown in t. v. program mes. are the rods of colonies meant for that.the commuters will only learn the right driving only if the administrations is strict on such.a constructive system to be implemented. the offenders to be punished for a lesson without any partiality or under any pressure, when the concerned will regularly check and will get appreciation and support by their seniors, some improvement can be done and the risk can be reduced durng using of roads by all.