Sunday, June 12, 2011


i write generally on word to elaborate its continuation to it today the new word decency. this word is a very polished word used for good and respected families. like all are decent in their family.etc. the person becomes decent by its sanskars values tarbiyat in Urdu given by parents,some improvement comes in primary school.but nature can not be fully changed. the children follow their mothers father family they live.much can improve by education and teachers but its depend also on environment and background of family. children of rural have more values then many educated,urban slums living areas.the behavior of children is a clear picture to show the background of a certain family. attitude,way of talking,driving,all comes from family habits and teachings for the right or wrong.illiteracy is one of the main cause if parents are uneducated then the children learn only when grown up and move in society.those who go in good society improve and those in bad the indecency is judged that is judged by behavior of a person. what he inherits genetically shows effect till seven generation reducing generation to generation. the 8th. gen next is perfect in all.if not married by successors in undeveloped or premature minds.
i have researched on many students and the opinion of philosophers,learned and the religious books briefings are found right leaving exceptions. the man shows his inside attitude we whenever he get excited or in anguish. such are also seen mean, mean also comes under indecent the indecent or of poor brought up or new rich by unfair means not deserving to be behaves. they have teasing tendency,show off,unnecessary boasting,to be away from genius,untruthful,run from good society.bad attitude,no respect to teachers,elders poor sanskars person or child by his behavior,attitude,habits,etc himself exposes the facts of being indecent.much can be changed by good reading,practice,society.this character is sign of backwardness and it effects also the career of a person. the other exception is of due to some disease that is only one or two person in whole family.