Tuesday, December 21, 2010

why i suspect

today morning when i was on morning walk one known to me asked why i suspect on many in my blogs. i have been strongly writing for checks,registration,enrollment,licensing etc. actually these many systems were started in British time not only to get some revenue but it was indirect control on immigrants,outsiders coming to city from nearby. this use to give information of their whereabouts. one collector of taxes use to check cycles,carts,bullock carts,stalls,street vendors, foot path sellers etc. though the tax was very nominal but it gave a chance to verify every person which is not practically possible for the police or intelligence. doubtful cases were referred to other agencies for verification. this way the n.m.p.,besides revenue also had a information data s of all such, if incidents took place it was easy to verify or trace antisocial from them. when other political parties came in power they formed nigams like Mandi samiti, and many others so the task city administration was doing on check posts on borders and during that intelligence and others use to observe came to an end . one check post was sufficient for all departments to check. but when anti socials entered in politics they eliminated such departments which was hindrance in doing their illegal activities.

all over the world departments,industries are merging but in India for every job new nigams are formed to create new portfolios for their political supporters or to console their ambitions not thinking of losses to govt in salaries, security, staff, conveyance etc. many i.a.s., are even not having budget or staff to compliance. but only to please one community one new section is formed. practically it is helping nil. like Muslim welfare department in Agra sitting alone in a collect orate room. if he had been associated with main samaj kalyan vibhag he must have utilized his position. unnecessary many deptt. or parishads are extra burden on state and central government. political power in rule should think the importance of funds given in taxes by poor. not given to enjoy or to spent in personal ambitions,publicity etc. no govt. dept hoarding published by information ministry should give photos of political leaders in power or to fight election in future.

so in short what i want to say such small revenue collecting departments should be restarted and all same work parishads,nigams,etc to be merged.as many years back i write that water works and sewage should be under one control though it was planned but not yet in force completely.
najeeb khan

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  1. many new areas can be seen for registration. it will help in tracing the anti socials hiding in the flock of thousands, e.g. in guards,private security,servants,petty sellers on roads, gardeners,rickshaws,auto drvers and many others who need verification