Wednesday, January 5, 2011

who is guilty for such.

today i was to court. i use public transport three wheeler to reach my destination. u.p.s.r.t.c. buses though run on my route from kamla nagar to bhagwan talkies,but they not run on time and not on desired route due to encroachment on both sides of road.the other reason is fight between bus drivers or understanding to not pick passengers from the places the three wheelers are on route.the buses provided are marcopolo big size not easy to turn and are not easily turn-able at many points.though a survey was done by higher officials how such were passed on the route.this is the reason the three wheelers are taking advantage people have to go for duties daily so they are helpless.if any passenger objects for overloading then he will have to face opposition by the drivers of three wheelers.many times they even abuse to women and prevent fat ladies and men to search some other.they have taken for right to carry seven passengers and a fat driver.small seats added near driver seats are very inconvenient.many have fallen when emergency break is taken.nobody reports because all have to be on route daily.
the auto drivers clearly say that they do not fear of anybody.r.t.o. or police because they give a good amount daily. now this they say but who knows they are correct or taking advantage of no checks on this route.many times at the time of fare increase for two to three days only five passengers were taken then as usual. it is to be seen that why no fear of is not a very big distance from kamla NAGAR TO BHAGWAN, COMPARATIVELY THE FARE IS MORE FROM OTHER ROUTES.all is beared by passengers whether it is monopoly or corruption or political support.many times the local news papers highlighted about behavior and overloading,but no action was taken by r.t.o. or police deptt. it means something is is openly misuse of no strictness and needed attention all over India.why people bear at the cost of corruption or no alternate to commute.if proper attention is given towards running of small buses state or undertaking with proper control the problem can be resolved.what a pitty position people traveling in other laps nobody to see.common man suffers, concerned officials may travel without any prior program because they all become perfect on checking days then only they can understand the our country their are informers in all departments who are mediators for corruption and bribe.

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