Thursday, December 2, 2010

hindrances in development and in increase of govt.revenue.

if you view in my blogs and articles i always wrote on how to increase revenue of govt. i even wrote to prime minister and chief minister of the state. many of the decisions are taken very late till then crores go to illegal pockets. the schemes of govt. come in high percentage for such projects which have no assets, most of the N G O are having the projects which are non accountable or very less chances to be checked after use of the help. who is check that the help reached to right person or not. none b p l cards are checked many of them must have crossed the eligibility, many must have down graded. assessment on site is negligible most of the work is in offices. plots who have converted in many stored building ,big premises are paying less taxes than lower income group houses. so the corruption and no activeness by the concerned is giving crores of rupees losses to govt. the senior authorities are only seeing the data on paper and simply increase of percentage is not the easy solution giving more burden on the right tax payer. this is the case in all revenue earning departments, the right is bearing the burden of increase of taxes ,high rates, due to no strictness on wrong or opportunists who is taking support of suvidha or other means is enjoying and for mass unnecessary burden a hindrance in their development.
the local authorities if start a campaign to check only the wrong and comply the law and equal criteria for fixation, and prevent people to do wrong. strict punishment to offenders everywhere r.t.o. dept., n,m,p,.water supplies, v a t, excise etc.special monitoring on public works, less dependability on non govt. agencies revenue can be increased . properly computerized and correct procedures of billing and records can prevent huge losses and corruption to large extent. billing and bill receiving deptt. should have different control. proper billing and control can be seen of B S N L, power companies, and of private mobile service providers. the grievances and complaints are negligible. since indian postal services and banks have been computerized and centralized the results are excellent. good management and very less interaction of concerned with the consumers can prevent corruption. centralized
system for receiving payments will itself show the postings and no dependency of manual additions or subtraction without proper documentation will prevent the concerned to hide anything.
najeeb khan
agra 282005

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