Saturday, February 13, 2010

tips by me

good morning world today i m writing few tips which can b of help .every tip will start after **these few i will elaborate in my next articles this i have learn t from elders,teachers,education,study, politics,experience,hindrances,unnecessary created problems,noncooperation,and definitely inherited some from my predecessors which i believe is universal. my ideas r applicable if u think and study check for facts,make study habits and agree with facts.
** always bye medicines with cash memo to get genuine product.
** keep a personal account of your financial transactions either with bank or else where.
** keep an eye open seeing around during travel or n daily routine.
** verify the person before any dealing either for accommodation or business through some reliable source.
** do not entertain money collectors of the unregistered society or N.G.O's
these are the few others in detail i will elaborate in my future blogs.

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