Sunday, January 31, 2010

is it was necessary

was these decisions were necessary to grow the economy and employment, and were to increase the revenue of the govt. departments were formed in the British time and besides doing govt. jobs efficiency they were also gaining revenue. the drafts were also answerable. but instead of making efforts to improve them, the government decided to give such jobs to private sector. for example due to increase in rental of b.s.n.l. land line telephones the majority of people change the service provider from b.s.n.l. to private sector and the position of b.s.n.l. with his competitors is well known to all a wide decision had been if the license must have been given for mobiles services only to non government sector. b.s.n.l is the only network which provides connections of landlines everywhere in India. private sector shows only cities were their is less chance of loss. the other loss incurred to govt. was giving license to so many courier companies which effected the revenue of coastal deptt. and then also now we are depending to send letters, parcels etc. to small villages through only Indian postal services. you will not find franchisees of courier companies of small towns or villages and people are still dependent on postal deptt. postal department is the only reliable and answerable service for delivery of documents to the person and the only genuine address verification.(to be continued)

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