Friday, January 1, 2010


i am surprised by the decisions taken every year by govt. of india regarding increase of taxes , instead of finding the lacunas a simple way is to increase the tax load on service class why tax is increase on government employees and service class they are helpless because they can not hide their income though others well understood have many ways to hide their income their is no strict law or infrastructure to control or prevent to hide other ways of income instead of working for increasing the taxes by other sources screening of non service class, non tax payers who are liable tp pay taxes, the easy target is income of salary class the government employees of state and central have less other facilities on which also money is spent the other class have even the possibility to spent in the name of others for themselves they can spent unlimited amount in travel, luxury hotels etc. the salary class is already facing the load of high prices and this increase in taxation will definitely effect the way of living. measures can be taken to bring out undeclared money to increase the revenue. taxation on salary class is not the easy solution.

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