Friday, June 18, 2010


many times i have seen tourists and commuters coming to Agra to see historical places and for other works. those who know somebody in Agra get help but unknown persons are misguided by lapkas always present on railway stations, bust stand on other places. wonder nobody checks them for their always presence there. though i travel less i see same faces roaming o0n these the concerned not recognize them and if why grace to such. this must be prevented many vising Agra have suffers personal losses.few days back i read in a news paper that somebody took away belongings of an air force personnel, a student came to give exam. he had a center at kheria,he was taken to a hotel at Bhagwan talkies, then charged Rs. 300 to show the campus, is he was not cheated for commission. this all happens due to the infra responsible for giving information not doing its service properly. tourism is to provide such information verbally and by providing literature. n.m.p. and a.d.a. a.s.i. can provide assistance on such places. railway can announce to beware of such. all deptts. are earning huge revenue from visitors, some can be spent on guiding tourists Indians or foreigners.if financial constraint some charges of guide can be taken... najeeb khan Agra 282005

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