Sunday, June 27, 2010

price hike can be checked

almost every year the prices of electricity,gas etc. are increased. this definitely effects the budget of a common man. the apposition parties organize few dharnas,blockades which also effect the common society.but no concrete efforts are done in houses of parliament or vidhan sabha. the misuse of gas ,less speed of putting gas lines,seals of cylinders to be more secured,and not can be easily tampered. .many years back the aluminum injection type of seal use to come which was not easily possible to play with. so measures are necessary to stop losses of consumers otherwise,domestic cylinders to be stopped for commercial use .the theft of electric power is another reason of prices rise often ,why the right to pay for illegal use of others. the consumption of unbilled power is more than paid power in urban areas. power loss by such is the largest in world .a this can be prevented by strict laws and no compromise for anybody .l til when the increases will effect the right user and offenders to enjoy free .no problem if price hike is due to genuine reasons,but should not be due to its misuse. najeeb khan agra 282005..........

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