Tuesday, June 1, 2010

no coperation observed it is necessary...

it is seen that the maximum public is not giving the right information. they understand that by doing so they will b taxed in future . this i also so in last census in Kanpur. today i was talking to a lady on duty . she told me that people are not giving the information. i request the concerned to create awareness, and people should know its importance. administration need to b strict and announce that those who will not sign on the sheet their all id. proofs and other govt facilities will b stopped till they complete the information.due to no cooperation of citizens the proper information is not on record. this some do because they want to misuse and are taking benefit otherwise.they are taking benefit by such for illegal purposes need not to mention.sometimes the investigators who are not FAIR TELL IDEAS to peple HOW TO SAVE N.M.P. TAX. WATER TAX,AND OTHER TAXES.I HAD BEEN ASSOCIATED WITH MANY BIG COMPANIES AND DURING MY TENURE I FOUND VERY FEW PERSONS WHO WERE JUST I OBSERVED THAT RIGHT DISCLOSURE IN ANY FIELD ALWAYS CREATE PROBLEM. EVERYBODY KNOWS THE FUNDA OF SUVIDHA.AND ALWAYS A PROVERB UPAR BHI TO PAHUCHANA HAI. I THINK THAT ABOVE IS GOD ,HOW IT REACHES TO HIM AND IN WHICH ACCOUNT.I REQUEST THE TRUE NATIONALISTS OF INDIA TO THINK FOR DEVELOPMENT OF COUNTRY. ALL ARE PAID WELL FOR THEIR JOBS.EITHER ARISTOCRATS OR BUREAUCRATS. WE CAn find any where people deputed collecting illegal collecton, money, many time channels,media,newspaper have shown taking bribe but never any action was taken.ultimately the common man is suffering because higher income group have many sources to increase the income he have many formulas to hide income because of lacuna's and corruption...........najeeb khan agra 282005.

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