Wednesday, September 8, 2010

cleanliness the worst in india.

you visit any city in India metro or others you will find garbage all over. nobody is caring for it though it is the main reason of high rate of disease in india. always in every season, viral,dengue,swine flue,etc. other spreading diseases like malaria,fileria,tuberculosis,infections after o/t. and many other diseases. the rate is very high in Asia and Africa very less in Europe,Australia and America....though a huge budget is spent in many develop countries like India,but the help and work is not done satisfactorily due to corruption and no proper planning and execution.
though on record billions are spent on hygiene but the results are not coming because the main causes are not removed. i see in Agra sludge is removed from drains,but not removed it again go back to its origin.nobody checks or held responsible and same story for years. during election period of corporation all show very active but afterwords all involved in other activities,nobody is seen in their respective areas during start or finish. all on papers little work done and rain comes and all in poison to say that new garbage has entered. previous year i wrote to administration that this should be done in dry season so that it may be removed easily. easily. off season advantage is taken since years and every year the drains are in worst position and the reason of water logging and health,ans stinking atmosphere .you not easy to go to small mohallas galis in rainy season. people also not cooperating ,they are independent and free to throw house garbage anywhere. i have seen even educated and so called hi-fi, throwing garbage,ladies disposal napkins on road side and dogs enjoying the taste and carrying all over the area a good display for children who are surprised to see blood in cotton and school going children generally point towards it i often see and hear them discussing .my house is on the way of school. people do not feel shame in throwing garbage in polythene s from roof tops and animals swallow them and have severe problems reported many times. the owners also leave them on roads to get flooded free. there is no action taken and no challans are done. so the culprits are taking advantage. the main reason behind dirty atmosphere is citizens and the govt. agencies to control them. action and attention is very necessary so the position may not become worse all over and disease may not become uncontrollable,.for a developed nation health is the main factor then only the hope of developed nation by 2020 can be achieved....
najeeb khan
agra. 282005, india

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