Sunday, October 3, 2010

uses and miuses

generally the inventions were done for use. but for convenience or to save money without thinking of harm to society,country,or world people misused it. though thew inventions were carried out to develop the technique for good purposes the natives of world used for wrong purposes . .....
scientists who invented for use must have thought of its misuse. people found out misuse for example polythene and thermocol it was for packing purpose to save paper, save wood, and to save trees to balance the ecology, people of different nature not conscious to environment made glasses,plates, etc instead of packing material. this was the misuse in making utensils which were cheaper from glass or paper and seeing only for cheap products they not cared for side effects and there is disposal problem due to no returnable recycling. this mixture of polythene in garbage made the reuse of it as manure made it laborious and costlier. the misuse of polythene for carry bags created another tremendous problem to the environment. we can see in India all over in rivers, ponds,drains,roadsides,public places filled with polythene and not easy to collect and dispose due to its thickness and density. not profitable to recycle. so i don't know the position of other developing countries really it is a serious threat to the environment ans strict laws and implementation is needed to prevent such.
the illiterates and non understanding citizens are not at all bothered but feel shame to carry bags from their homes. .....there non awareness is a threat to environment and life. for many it doesn't matters but for many like me who were infected due to such people ,i boy t infection in my rt. eye and could not be cured yet due to pollution, the reuse of eye drops in same operated eye .no proper hygiene of compouders, no fumigation in o/t. and then no proper diagnosis, not working of costly injections, may be they were duplicate are one of the reason of no cure. i suggest all that in this infected atmosphere, adulterated material more diseases occur and more chances of infection. so if one start to discard harmful products and your little efforts,can make a difference. overlooking and overconfidence,or mismanagement can bring more harmful situations. as written earlier also that it can be possible by united efforts. i am surprised that educated are asking the shopkeeper for poly bags and they even carry the packed container easy to handle with glory or prestige show. really very sad to hear that a head of nation has denied his visit to Agra due to its dirty atmosphere, the reports of his prior to visit team had given adverse report. how the people of agra,country take it . due to no discipline of throwing garbage,and still the factor of superstitions to keep or collect waste inside, the people still having the decades old mentality, illiteracy, unawareness,and no manners bring country in such shameful conditions. i see near my house and locality that instead of giving the garbage to the carrier of such they have made temporary place to throw garbage ,which the dogs and other animals carry all over the area. they understand the problem then also they do not wait for safai karamchari to come and even throw after he goes. this is not an act of anti socials who want to keep their surrounding dirty. sometimes the disposals of pads and diapers are seen by children as a new item and these dirty disposals are collected or touched by garbage collectors who collect plastic etc. out it . shame for those who do it and how they call themselves advanced, this do not effect in villages because the garbage is dumped far from residential area and processed for manure. such illiterate ill mannered citizens need fines and concerned authorities should be strict. in whole world cleanliness is only possible by support of citizens. they obey rule and regulation. there nobody disposes rats,garbage,in front of their or other houses or at public places every body shares the responsibility. and the cities are clean in comparison to developing countries. for administration it is impossible to provide a staff for full time who may wait that when you will throw garbage and you will clan. sometimes i feel that such people who not follow rules and regulation, and live like uncivilized tribes should be prevented to live in metros or cities. first they should become disciplined then to live in good cities. due to such few person and their immune to not to hear any body is the real reason of n.m.p. failure to keep the country clean. really citizens are fed up of such elements who are not cooperating to keep the locality clean.
so if you use any law for good it is use or disobey it is misuse. ...the other many examples of use and misuse of inventions, application are use and misuse of mobile phone, some use it for conveying or locating, the anti socials use it for crime. conveyance is meant to go to your destination others use it for crime. law is made to protect some use it to save taxes, the tax paid products by customer is brought from other states to save money. ATM was made for necessary others involved in its misuse by duplicating at retail centers and trying to know password. medicines were made to cure some use it for drugs. mediclaim was made to facilitate some use it for earning and even doctors and druggist,are involved with hospitals. so made for help and use . anti socials misuse for their personal interests. prevent and discard such and help to administration to identify such antisocial elements who are misusing and becoming a hindrance in development of our country...
najeeb khan agra=282006

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