Saturday, April 16, 2011

how to reduce irritation,anger.

generally we see irritation among all is observed in all sections of go for a work to any place sometimes you face such.the person is irritated due to some of his personal reasons you face the anger.sometimes such become issue and you also loose temper.why this occurs there are many reasons behind it.may be you have not got place of your choice,due to any disease,overload of work,partiality in distribution of your work,teasing knowingly by somebody in your neighbor or work place.many are sensitive in such and they get irritated very soon.generally some know your weaknesses and they make you irritate.sometimes they do it to make mistakes by you and they may get some benefit.generally persons get irritated due to no fulfillment of their ambitions and they not say openly but they feel it and become irritant on little reasons.sometimes it due to atmosphere where you stay or work,or due to environment.sometimes this tendency is due to hypertension or any other disease not well there are hundreds of causes which makes a person of this nature.

but how to prevent and get rid of such.on deep studies on the causes and its prevention by our daily routine and researched and experienced by many the natural and food therapy my favorite is briefed next.

get regular check for your medicines.
yoga and morning walk necessary.
take full sleep.
use green vegetables,salad,curd,in your food.
use some laxative or hot milk in night if you are fond of non veg.
try to give some time to your interests.
use if you are addict of any very less maximum possible drinks,gutka or cigarette
go once in a year to your place of liking for a change.
don't give attention on comments of others.
take everything very lightly and try to forget,better solve the problems instead of thinking yourself from others of your friends who are facing more problems.
keep limitations of your requirements seeing your earning and not hope to get everything you want.console for what you have.
have a planned and calculated budget of your expenses.
save for outing in a week for your family from other expenses which can be adjusted.

so if your life is regular,consoling nature,planned for every thing you can be cool and your life can be will get rid of much problems which temporarily occur due to many reasons.

najeeb khan

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