Saturday, May 7, 2011

how it can be managed...

since long i am communicating to the local authorities for some strictness in many MATTERS WHICH ARE PROBLEM TO ENVIRONMENT.but the slow action and no cooperation of citizens is increasing pollutants day by day.people do not follow traffic rules the cause of jams,one can feel itching in eyes.those sitting in a/c vehicles no problem,and how many can afford body wants to be in q short cuts and wrong parking anywhere they like is the main cause of jams.the passing of traffic at crossings are all haphazard and cross entry makes hindrances and cause jams.for this people have to change mentality and think of others and how to reduce pollution by closing their vehicle some crossing the methods to pass is wrong two sides traffic at a time in crossed way always cause jams due to hurry of many.people not want to take pains to park their scooters,cars,at one proper place.if one have to shop the car is parked on road can be seen in rush markets all over the cities in u.p.,none have patience or decency.generally people get down at the place they visit for show off cars are common this was no problem when rarely people had cars.that days it was status symbol not easy to afford.nobody think by such small mistakes how much pollutants unnecessary go to atmosphere due to never pollutes that much.

the other pollutants created are by garbage not thrown at right place.even educated throw on roads,can be seen even in posh areas.on other side people go to jims,but there movement and laziness in keeping the area clean is not in their practice.the worse can be seen in rush places,stands,stations,and other offices.the worst position is near dustbins near parks,on roads,at many house front.this is not the concerned cleaning dept. problem.not possible to dispose again and again.not done anywhere in all developed countries the corporators look such in their area and the mayors etc. check when ever possible.the cities can not be kept clean until and unless the local citizens our country private tradition workers are in most areas.such garbage can be handed over to them.a little local can contribute then only the manpower with local authorities can manage.

it is impossible for admin to give one helper for every house all the day round.many can be seen carrying bags of garbage and throwing on any place nobody to see.this is theft or mean mentality to make other areas dirty for few rupees monthly.those who use the parks etc for marriages parties etc.though they save much illegally utilizing such places by consent of self made local societies and they charge unaccountable money for it never themselves remove the remains of food leftovers,garbage very same gives a foul smell to those who go for exercise or morning walk.this is all due to no check and air pollution also made by generators.because the electric temporary connection cost more.n.m.p. are the owners of such parks,roads and open they should make it compulsory to pay for such and arrangement to dispose and clean the parks and other places in night itself.some extra benefit can be given to workers appointed for such duties,and a vigil will also be there and the palikas will add a lot to their revenue.this will reduce pollution if all done as per rules.most of the parks have electric connections for water supply such can be utilized for power supply or by electric company.why residents to be disturbed for such programmes after 11.00p.m.

if some income is extra added to n.m.p. s and forest may utilize and maintain the park sides,parks,other public places for greenery by planting trees then we can hope for more green cities and less dust, should see Chandigarh.the local authorities should visit such cities to see how they manage and how locals cooperate.much can be improved for air pollution,water pollution,air pollution if the concerned departments like r.t.o.,n.m.p.,forests,others become strict on offenders and for such illegals not hearing videography can be for c.c.t.v. also can be vowed by other dept,an added use beside for improving cumulatively all will have to come forward and cooperate.offenders to be challaned starting from less amount to higher gradually on repeated offence.the administration will have to be strict on their subordinates,keeping an eye of duty,attendance etc.much can be improved by giving some award or incentive on taking extra awarded in private professionally manage companies.getting government job to be not taken for granted as liberty.for this administrative services and departmental heads will have to create examples for subordinates.this will be a big social help to the country besides profession.much can be managed if properly planned.this will itself minimize corruption and their is no need of any rally or hunger strike if all of the concerned in every sector start working in modern and managed way.those who are for such causes are also requested to follow the norms of their future they will also be questioned.they can help the country by planting trees,do shramdan,others.simply highlighting the old causes will not work.all have to work at grass root level in their own areas.government and politicians to see on priority the real and basic requirements for mass.there are existing ministries and infrastructure for all.only to do is to accelerate by management and control.the poor out put and not real progress is much more since last thirty years.the big cause is also more interference of aristocracy in bureaucracy.i mean more political interference in general matters.though political leaders have such a big platform like assembly,parliament to put up the matters which they feel going interference is effecting ones right and favour to political pressure strict actions cannot be taken by higher if fair work may go on public will not have fear to get the right job done or to prevent pressure of any kind.if all go on right path and feel their responsibilities and citizens may cooperate in such.much will be up-to the mark and easy for the concerned dept manage.

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