Wednesday, February 9, 2011

stray animals in india

though many leaders,organizations.N.G.O.,s are indulged in many activities of welfare of animals but they are limited up to treatment or most of the ngo s are in hand of political people or retired administrative people in india the animals are not getting the due care.most of the funds are spent in office,coveyance etc the actual help is very less.the funds of most n.g.os. s in all fields are used in consumable products which can be easily manipulated on papers.
the sray animals like dogs,cows,bull can be seen roaming all over the roads of india.though the n.m.p.have the infrastructure of rescue etc. but due to lack of funds and infrastructure they are non functioning. the court orders prevent them for castration,or transfer to jungles or other shelters which are negligible in india. the funds are provided for non assets so the n.g.o. s are spending on care will be recommendable to provide funds to govt.agencies because they are somewhat answerable and have a big team of administration.the misuse in percentage is less in government control agencies. in india providind funds to socities whose controllers are not anserable strictly.there balance sheets of the use of funds can be manipulating like funds provided by govt.for mid day meals in private hands most of them are politically related figures are not giving the desired results and always complaints are seen in news.
it had been better to transfer certain amount to the account of students,or a token may be issued to get grains,pulses from govt.canteens or stores.that will be in direct reach of needy and no wastage of food as generally thrown by children and even showed utilised for the students who do not need them and bring their own lunch tiffins. our govt providind such funds are giving space for corruption.
in govt. budgets i always see that more part is for such purposes which can not be practically verified like for melas,leader anniversaries,.always more money is spent on already constructed roads etc.where actual expenses are not calculable. since British times we have many dept.s like p.w.d. n.m.p.,forest etc. why there services are not utilized directly.unnecessary other nigams and societies are involved and the share of funds are utilized by them and the big infrastructure of govt dept.s sit idle or not utilized of their capacity. as earlier n.m.p., was concerned to get some earnings from the entry of goods in cities but now it is done by a big infrastructure of Mandi samiti,and like wise and then the funds for development come through state govt to local agencies. unnecessary expenses on recover through other nigams.too many nigams lack coordination of work and the work is unplanned due to separate control.e.g. crores was spent a year back on roads and after-wards jal nigam started sewage work all money of public wasted.this all occurred not due to centralized work at district level.
previously always master plans and five year plans were in force.such use to prevent losses and the works were not done to consume only the quota of par shads,m.l.a.,m.p.,or other projects specially allotted.due to no coordination few areas get more yojnas and many lack OF THEM. THE RURAL AREAS ARE NOT AS DEVELOPED AS URBAN OR FEW COLONIES WHO ARE GETTING SPECIAL FAVOR BY THE REPRESENTATION.every one is bothered about vote bank not of development of whole country.
so all i highlighted is that the planners should screen the facts and the money given by people in the form of taxes to be utilized perfectly,and the lacuna which cause corruption to be minimized.funds must be used for constructive and usable purposes .

najeeb khan
agra 282005

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