Sunday, February 13, 2011

shelter now very essential for animals

we can find thousands of animals like dogs,ox,cow,wandering on roads.the n.m.p. are now not very conscious about them due to many organizations for prevention on cruelty on animals.such organizations have got orders from court but they have not come forward to make shelters for such in tehsil level.shelter is an expensive project and it can be done in collaboration with government.the monkeys are now in large number in many cities of India and are frustrated due to lack of shelter,food and cure of many diseases.that will be only possible in proper shelters with good surroundings and adequate space and facilities.the funds spent on vaccines which actually are out of reach of common men will also be saved.there are many n.g.o.s working in other fields they can join the infrastructure of palikas to serve the animals.this will also prevent roaming of domestic animals and the animals can be saved from anti socials which is always a cause of tension in a certain community. those who want to save such animals should also visit goshallas and ask the societies not to allow roaming of bovines on road to prevent theft of such animals for illegal purposes.strict law and management can stop all such illegal activities.
administration is also requested to be strict on stray and domestic animals roaming in indian cities.

najeeb khan
agra -282005

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