Tuesday, March 1, 2011

every body can do social service

social service these days has become a gateway to get popularity or fame.but in my view this is not meant only for those who have spare money.you or one can do it with his resources only.
the ways are starting from your home you can keep your house front clean,give left food to animals,do not use poly bags,ask others to stop using and tell them the disadvantages,share your knowledge with others.tech free if you know any subject,give your old clothes,other rejects to needy.you may get very less in selling to kabari but that is usable to others after spending some money in repairs.give old books,uniform,winter clothes etc to any organization who is working for such people.this will not cost you high and you will be a part in social service.
those who not have time and can afford to help can support in kind like bedsheets,towels,medicines to govt. hospitals.there are many ways you can help i have mentioned on my websites....

we spend lot of money in preparation of food in parties and marriages and lot is thrown on roads.if all can be saved and sent to homes many can enjoy it.they will also share good food which is generally wasted.so by our own resources we can help others.if we manage to send any stray animal to shelter it is also a social service.if we prevent somebody to burn poly products we help environment.if we plant a tree in our waste land or in space in front of our house it is a help.if we care for a tree planted by forest or other organization by simply giving a bucket of water it is a service.

najeeb khan

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