Tuesday, March 15, 2011

now if we can improve....

daily we read and see in news bulletin,columns,articles,blogs about the incidents happening all around us all over the country and world.you come through the news of drug mafias,land mafias,kidnappers,thief gangs,rap stories, loot,created jams, etc.the main cause of it that we do not fear of law GOD or lost our moral values.for us is to earn anyhow the money,people make plans to harm and hurt other emotions,factories throw untreated water in sewage lines,rivers and streams.unauthorized encroachment of ponds,open land river side land,railway land other places is done without thinking of difficulties of other residents.people throw garbage at any place not thinking of its harms but only to get rid of problems of their own.the responsible authorities know the offenders who are misusing their liberty due to corruption,when a normal person can see the problems why not they.it means that all is going in there shelter or support,overloading,theft,duplicate products in market,even life saving drugs,saving of govt.taxes though paid by consumers,black-marketing,all is in practice without any fear,the reason behind it that there is large %of illegal and anti socials.the aim is only to earn excess money this is only leading the country toward more rich and less medium class and high class.the poor is surviving in hardships.though the political people have billions no explanation where from it came,can be seen all over the world all rulers have tonnes of gold and billions jewels.so the extracted money of mass is going to the private pockets.if such increase of personal money will increase it can create more dictators,they can even manage to get their own arms,army,professional fighters.this is not a good sign excess money accumulation is house of devil and creates over and undesired ambitions and threat to democracy all over the world.the man running for money can become dictator,osama,terrorist outfit,dawood,or anything he wants.the main reason of increase in crime is also available facilities,they are fast then security services.people now do not fear for financial losses for months because they are getting food and shelter for there livelihood from illegal accumulated money. so what i want to point out is that all governments if want to reduce their problems will have to stop of flow of illegal money coming through corruption and illegal activities.political representation to be screened so that right may reach in the ruling or governing capacity.corruption needed to be removed from grass root level,and children in school compulsorily to be taught real moral values.more attention towards education can minimize such tendency increasing in society like cancer.if no attention given then their will be no democracy but elected will also become dictators with the support of immense wealth they will accumulate by illegal means.same in the time of zamindars,taluqadars,kings of past.then it will be too late to comment or control.all in vain.

najeeb khan

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