Sunday, March 27, 2011

GAME OF SERVICE TAX contd previous

if the person is national by heart he will never favor corruption,either it is in bureaucracy,aristocracy,politics,profession or business.if you will not pay the revenue taken by mass it means you are cheating the nation.straight forward HOW CAN PEOPLE ACCUMULATE VAST EMPIRES IN ALL SECTORS WHEN THEY HAD FEW THOUSANDS OR HUNDREDS IN START OF THEIR CAREER.I AND MY WIFE,EARNED,I HAD PARENTAL SUPPORT,RICH HERITAGE BUT I COULD NOT ACCUMULATE AS OTHERS IN VERY SMALL POSITION.i being a part of business administration,management,technology and my association with big companies,my family experience in business,administration,police,others gave me vast experience to write on many matters,i learnt a lot from my seniors,experts,and even from my subordinates,students,my personal experiences and from the experiences of my relatives in all fields,like politics,business and education.what all i express is after deep observation and never in prejudice or anguish because i am very cool as per my-daughter.people want that i may be rude but they fail.

what all i write is for my students for knowledge and awareness.coming on the main topic how money is earned in wrong way or taxes are saved.the start is no accounts of sale,no price list displayed,you are not ware of every product price,large difference of m.r.p.,discounts no limit by production houses ,improper billing,no cash-memos or purchase memos,reuse of memos,stock transfers,challans for delivery,a challan is used two to three times,it is easy in supply in a city many times.hawala money transfer none can catch,cash payments or receipts allowed ,game played by bifurcation in many parts,same party material in for names,fake accounts,pan cards,id .dummy retired old age partners,directors who even are on beds getting share in many companies,dummy partners,separate accounts for all members of family money flowing every year no information of cash in schemes,m.i.s.,fix deposits,others like share etc.,export on low value,high purchases shown,personal expenditures,house construction material,etc shown in business expenditures,this is one of the reason the assets have increased and the income is as old. all can be manipulated by good accountancy.

one can buy crores property and spends very less in medical,education,coaching,house edibles,etc that is in few thousands of such big families.all family tors manipulated.all fixtures in houses resorts,others can be manipulated.this lacuna is only due to cash purchases allowed and the assets not shown in inventories or if shown they are in damage account and depreciation under valued sale can be enjoyed.i had proposed payment by cheques of all investment and purchases.advantage no loss by theft,loot etc.this will also reduce the burden of insurance received by succession after death should be taxed as per . i.t. norms to delete the dummy partners,directors,proprietors,etc.

this is the reason why those who are non salaried or earning by unfair means not bothered of price hikes because they have alternative to makeup,but only the common,poor,middle,higher middle, right service class is effected.those who want prices may go up are those who have vast SOCKS,EXTRA MONEY ACCUMULATION,unaccounted business because that has to go in their much of m.r.p.,difference even in medicines,now new trend as it happened in gutka make shortage m.r.p. rs. 1.00 selling in three rupees.a blind earning and no fear of law. all this is happening due to support of those who are involved in making illegal money.
all is happening due to immune not working tendency, of not checking,passing on each other,poor governance,personal interests and corruption.a small percentage is enjoying the lacuna s and the mass is going towards worst without knowing why it is happening. shame for those who are doing illegal and proud to vice versa i cannot comment but only can the almighty to save for future and next generations.
God bless the right and fair.
najeeb khan
critic,writer,history review,and education
all free,technology and management

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