Saturday, February 12, 2011

what these people want

i am reading news in many news paper statement by a senior party leader and well known so called spiritual personality.i cant understand what message they want to give to indian nationals.i am surprised that the other political parties and the ruling state and central government has not still condemned it.what message we want to give to illiterate mass of India who even not know meaning of such revolutions which occurred in Egypt against Mubarak govt.
in our country we are fed up by bandhs,rallies,road jams,loss to public property and private property. if such big leaders will propose such then what they want like mandal agitations which anyhow prevented due to babri masjid conflict.thanks that the youngsters diverted to others otherwise the position was going worst.the innocent youngsters are not much understanding about politics.the anti socials,anti nationals always wait for such disturbances.this effects the development of country.leaders of any type should stop to give such statements and they are strictly objectionable and to be condemed by everyone.

our country already have lot of problems,facing price hikes,budget losses,delays in projects due to lack of funds,unstable govt s. supported by many,corruption,non working tendency,crime,etc. now it is not in position of facing any sort of crisis if created by such statements. people should ignore such ideas in favour of country and its constitution.our constitution have given us power to throw any government by our voting.we have elections every five years.this is in the hands of the citizens to elect any party of their choice.the resources of Egypt,Sudan and other countries are high in comparison to India and they can face such.the indian economy can not bear such events like there and those who have given such statement should apologize.

our country have such a strong constitution that here it is not possible for anybody to rule like Mubarak government. even emergency not worked in India and military rule also is impossible in India due to very limited powers with the head of air force,army or navy.president,prime minister,defense minister have special powers in india not like other countries of world.even if any state is going out of constitution of india president rule can be imposed. during the formation of constitution seeing the past history of india every thing was kept in mind and powers were allotted to prevent any situation like dictatorship. i suggest all to go through the constitution of India and upgrade their knowledge and then such bad ideas will never come in their minds

najeeb khan

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